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  • Jakobovits Márta

    Back to nature [Mixt]

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  • Moldován Mária

    Time boat [stoneware with glazes]

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  • Moldován György

    Memory Drop [Raku]

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  • Muresan Gheorghe

    work title [stoneware with glazes]

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  • Kiss Melinda

    In the window [Raku]

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  • Vidra-Birtalan Éva

    Work title [Enamel art]

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  • Csiki Orsolya

    Boxes [porcelain]

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  • Bucur Mana

    Crab casket [Glazed clay]

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  • Florian Andrei

    Great Grail [mixed technique]

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  • Olteanu David

    Forms [Porcelan]

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  • Olteanu Mariana Cara

    installation [stoneware]

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  • Bajusz Katinka

    Metamorfozis [Glazed clay]

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  • Padureț Monika

    Fairy Tales [ Glazed Clay]

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  • Chirilâ Emilia

    Quo Vadis [Porcelain]

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  • Pelladi Oriana

    Terra incognita [Mixt]

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  • Sánta Csaba

    Stairs [Raku]

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  • Pop Eugenia

    Inner being [terracotta]

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  • Csorvási Szabó László Attila

    Human Recycle [Stoneware with porcelain]

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  • Crăciun Gheorghe

    Euro [Stoneware]

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  • Crăciun Judit

    Samples of some plastic concepts [Poured faience]

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  • Forró Ágnes

    Timetunels [Reku]

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  • Jakobovits Márta

    test [test]

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Ceramics are like an "archive" made of clay and purified by fire, in which one can "read" over the centuries about customs, rites and cultic practices, technical achievements, ethical and aesthetic concepts and ethnic characteristics. 

In the decorative oevres, we have attempted to reflect with the aid of specific means of the visual arts (signs and simbols) some of the major themes e.g. the origins of the universe and natural phaenomaena (Big-bang and the Sphere) 

Amongst this Simbols the spiral is repeatetly used im many oeuvres (e.g. The Wall, Columns,Sunflower etc.)
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Details: luc_david_01 -- "Altar" - Glazed Faience - 1973 
luc_david_02 -- "Sunflower" - Glazed Faience, partly gilded - 1974  

luc_david_03 -- "Wall"Modular Forms, Glazed Faience , 1975 
luc_david_03a -- Modular Forms, Glazed Faience, 1975
luc_david_03b -- Modular Forms, Glazed Faience, 1975
luc_david_03c -- "Wall II" Modular Forms, Glazed Faience, 1976 

luc_david_04 -- Wall"(Detail),Modular Forms, Glazed Faienc
luc_david_05 -- "Columns", Glazed Faience, 1977
fountain.jpg -- "Fountain", Glazed Faiance, 1977
luc_david_06 -- "Dandelion", Glazed Faience, 1978 

luc_david_07 -- "Butterflies", lucrari_david_07b.jpg 1980 
luc_david_07a "Butterflies", Glazed Faience, Partly Guilded, 1980 
luc_david_07b -- "Butterflies", Glazed Faience, Partly Guilded, 1980

luc_david_08 -- "Nest",Glazed Faience, Partly Guilded, 1981 
luc_david_08a -- "Nest",Glazed Faience, Partly Guilded, 1981
Details: "GENESIS"
por_david08.jpg -- "Genesis" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded -1986 
por_david07.jpg -- "Genesis (2)" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded -1986 

por_david06.jpg -- "BIG BANG" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded -1987
por_david04.jpg -- "BIG BANG" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded -1987
por_david05.jpg -- "BIG BANG" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded -1987

 por_david03.jpg -- "KEEPERS OF THE MISTERY" - Porcelain, Partly Gilded - 1987 por_david02.jpg -- "KEEPERS OF THE MISTERY"- Porcelain, Partly Gilded - 1987 
por_david01.jpg -- "THE MISTERY" Porcelain, - Partly Gilded - 1987 
Details: ut_david01_jpg -- Set of Boxes, Glazed Faience 

Set of Bottle and Glasses 
ut_david03_jpg -- Set of Bottle and Glasses, Glazed Faience 
ut_david05_jpg -- Set of Bottle and Glasses, Glazed Faience 
ut_david07_jpg -- Set of Bottle and Glasses, Glazed Faience 

ut_david04_jpg -- Cofee Service, Glazed Faience 
ut_david08_jpg -- Flower Vase, Glazed Faience 
ut_david09_jpg -- Flower Vase, (Modular), Glazed Faience 
ut_david10_jpg -- Flower Vase, (Composed of 2 separate parts),Glazed Faience , Partially Gilded ut_david_25.jpg -- Vase and casette - Glazed Faience , Partially Gilded 
ut_david_26.jpg -- Casettes - Glazes Faiance 

ut_david02_jpg -- Plateaus, Glazed Faience 
ut_david17jpg -- Plateaus, Glazed Faience 

Table Service 
ut_david18_jpg -- Table Service 
ut_david19_jpg -- Soup Pot .. 20, 23, 24, dishes and plateaus from the table service 

ut_david21_jpg -- Chandelier ut_david11_jpg -- Chandeliers and Casette Glazed Faience ut_david22_jpg -- Vase with Lid - Glazed Faience , Partially Gilded
Details: por_ut_dvd1 -- cans with lid 
por_ut_dvd2 -- Cofee Service 
por_ut_dvd1 -- Plateaus for Fruits